Обложка книги Raising Financially Fit Kids

Raising Financially Fit Kids

ISBN: 1580085369;
Издательство: Tricycle Press

As a parent, you worry about instilling good financial values in your children?no matter what your income level. But when and how is it appropriate to start teaching your kids about the almighty dollar? Joline Godfrey, founder and CEO of IndependentMeans, Inc.?the leading provider of financial programs for kids and their parents?has the answers. In RAISING FINANCIALLY FIT KIDS, Godfrey aims her friendly, approachable, and practical text at parents and grandparents of children ages 5 to 18. At the heart of the book is a developmental map covering 10 specific money skills children can master by the age of 18 to become financially secure adults. Godfrey?s fitness plan doesn?t encourage children to accumulate wealth for its own sake; rather, it helps children achieve independence and become responsible members of families and communities by teaching habitual savings, smart money management, and decision-making skills. More than just a money book, RAISING...