Обложка книги Real Estate, Everyone Can Afford It

Real Estate, Everyone Can Afford It

ISBN: 0595273440;
Издательство: iUniverse

This practical guide to real estate investment is easy to read and understand. Packed with innovative ideas and typical examples, this book can assist homebuyers to fulfill their dreams and help real estate investors to establish their real estate kingdom even under the toughest market conditions. Bryan K. Law is professional land economist and an experienced real estate broker specializing in leasing and investment. His expertise also includes property appraisal, property management and real estate finance. In order to share his professional knowledge with the publics and fellow practitioners, he has written many articles that appeared in several newspapers and professional journals. Now just let the insider tell you the secrets in trading real estate. This book will show you how to: Invest $1 and get an instant return of $7, absolutely risk free Select from more than three practical A?no money downA? methods to buy real estate Buy...