Обложка книги So You Want More Money ... Here's What Works

So You Want More Money ... Here's What Works

ISBN: 096846680X;
Издательство: Estate Services Inc.

The book describes a straightforward approach to organization of personal finances, effective investment strategies and tax planning. It is easy-to-read, logical, concise, and fully illustrated. The book is very appealing to readers who want a simple plan for handling their money, and an uncomplicated way to make it grow. It describes how saving just $6.50 a day can grow to $127,000 in only 15 years. After finishing the book, readers have knowledge and confidence and start to act positively for their own financial health. The author, a Chartered Accountant and Certified Financial Planner, has based his book on his educational background and on his 25 years of experience ... and it works.