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Ronald Cordes, Brian O'Toole, Richard Steiny

The Art of Investing and Strategic Portfolio Management : A Proven 6-Step Process to Meet Your Financial Goals

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ISBN: 0071440054
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
The risk-avoidance strategies of today's institutional leaders--tailored to investors of every size and budget Investment pros agree: the key to successful investing is to avoid costly mistakes, and the key to avoiding mistakes is to faithfully follow a plan proven to work in all markets. The Art of Investing and Portfolio Management translates the proven techniques and strategies of institutional investing into a market-tested, six-step program that all investors can use to makebetter decisions, eliminate errors, and always move forward with knowledge and confidence. Dedicating a full chapter to each step, this easy-to-follow book provides unique and valuable access to some of the world's best investment minds. It explains how investors can replace guesswork and emotion with knowledge and discipline to: Understand and implement today's top strategies Consistently make the best investment choices Monitor and rebalance portfolios ...