Обложка книги The Scarborough Plan : Maximizing The Power of Your 401(k)

The Scarborough Plan : Maximizing The Power of Your 401(k)

ISBN: 1929175183;
Издательство: Cote Literary Group

The Scarborough Plan presents a comprehensive, state-of-the-art system for retirement investment planning. Using both professional insight and humor, 401(k) investment advice pioneer, J. Michael Scarborough, carefully leads the reader through every stage of the retirement planning process. The book begins with a working definition of retirement itself, and carefully works its way through the process of realizing retirement goals. Scarborough teaches the reader how to achieve the financial portfolio necessary for a successful retirement plan, and he does so in a frank and functional manner. In addition to its comprehensive scope, The Scarborough Plan sets itself apart through its attention to accessibility. Unlike the typical thick, dry, and intimidating retirement investment book, The Scarborough Plan was written in the form of an informal conversation with the author himself. Scarborough peppers the text with his own no-nonsense style, sharing insightful -- and...