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Fabio Marciano, Mike Litman

The Secrets of Wealth: The Beginner's Guide to Financial Freedom

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ISBN: 1932515038
Издательство: Four Green Houses
Synopsis of the Book The Secrets of Wealth follows the story of David Allen, a recent college graduate who is trying to figure out how to manage his finances and invest for the future. A little zealous at times, he?s fortunate to have found Mark Mathers, a savvy real estate investor and business owner who has offered to show David the ropes. They meet every Saturday morning at the local library to cover off on one of ten Secrets of Wealth. The Secrets as you?ll learn are not groundbreaking, revolutionary ideas or strategies. They?re simply the stuff that works when it comes to saving, budgeting, investing, and becoming Financially Free. You?ve probably read about a few of them in the past and you may have already put some of them to work for you, but you just don?t know it yet. The idea behind the book is to create a set of easy to follow and easy to remember strategies and techniques for people to use in order to get control over their...