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Adam Starchild

Using Offshore Havens for Privacy & Profit: Revised and Updated Edition

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ISBN: 1581602804
Издательство: Paladin Press
Why invest abroad? Today, growing numbers of investors are convinced that the U.S. is no longer the land of safety or opportunity when it comes to investments. They recommend that you research the country to which you entrust your holdings as carefully as you do your broker, banker, bond ratings or any investment. Each country has different regulations, taxes and exchange restrictions - as well as limitations on personal freedoms of speech, privacy and petition of grievances - that will affect your decision about where to put your earnings. In this updated and revised edition of Using Offshore Havens for Privacy and Profit, Adam Starchild brings you up to date on the changes that have occurred in the high-stakes world of international investments, outlines the pros and cons of popular offshore havens and shares invaluable insights earned through a lifetime of financial planning. Expand your investment opportunities by finding out what the world's smartest investors have been doing all...