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Steve Almond

My Life in Heavy Metal

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ISBN: 0802140130
Издательство: Grove Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 224
Amazon.comIn his smart and self-assured debut, My Life in Heavy Metal , Steve Almond breathes fresh life into the oft-explored territory of young love and longing. The 12 stories in this pulsating collection are populated with hookups, drunken kisses, failed passes, and souring relationships. And though it's an aggressively sexual affair (when it comes to getting it on in the bedroom--or on the bathroom sink, for that matter--Almond doesn't believe in fading to black), at its core it's a collectionwith heart. His characters stumble unrehearsed through the choreography of modern love, wearing their sloppy passions on their rumpled sleeves, aching to connect. The memorable title story introduces David, an El Paso music critic on the "late-eightieshair bands" circuit who cheats on his longtime college girlfriend with an unassuming YMCA lifeguard. "Because we were a morning paper, I had to bang out my copy by midnight. I operated on a template involving an initial bad pun, a...
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