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Peter Koenig

30 Lies About Money: Liberating Your Life, Liberating Your Money

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ISBN: 0595292364
Издательство: iUniverse
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionMuch has been written about money—how to invest, save, become a millionaire, get out of debt, find financial freedom, change the monetary system, manage a business, hedge or save taxes. So what makes this book stand out from those already in the bookshops? Written for lay reader and expert alike, 30 Lies is a response to a newly emerging trend, where peoples' interest in money is not just to try and make more of it. But to understand better the causes of the increasingly contradictory money world they find themselves in. Some of the issues: income inequity, increasing stress in making ends meet, decay of social systems, evaporation of pensions, polarisation of wealth, third-world indebtedness, Enrons and more. This book promises a simple understanding of these issues. But it goes further. This book not only exposes misleading flaws and "lies" in many universally accepted and unquestioned assumptions about money—it dissolves them!
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