Обложка книги As a Mom Thinketh: A Mother's Guide to Unlimited Wealth

As a Mom Thinketh: A Mother's Guide to Unlimited Wealth

ISBN: 0972993002;
Издательство: Brown Books

Book Description"As a Mom Thinketh" dispels myths and misinformation passed down to mothers for generations. Mothers can have both financial and family success. "As a Mom Thinketh" addresses the thinking that prevents mothers from obtaining their financial goals and shows them how to dream big and live wealthy while enjoying their children. Mothers need to know that it is acceptable to provide for themselves without guilt. Unfortunately, many women stop investing in themselves after they have children. This leaves moms tired, stressed, and depressed, with very little left to give to their families. Women accept this self-sacrificing role because they do not think they deserve better. "As a Mom Thinketh" shows mothers how they can live their dreams and have both family and financial success by developing a wealth mentality. "As a Mom Thinketh" is a radical way to look at motherhood. There are many books on wealth and personal finance, but few of them tap into the minds of...