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Mark Van Mourick

Cash Out, Cash In: The After-Success Investment Guide--Valuable Leading Investment Advisor to the Ultra-Wealthy

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ISBN: 1591852269
Издательство: Creation House Press
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionUnlike most personal finance books, CASH OUT, CASH IN is not a "How to Get Rich"book. Rather,it is an after-success book aimed at the demanding needs of families with $1 million to $1 billion of investable capital. Read straight through or absorbed in sections, it is intended to be a handy desk guide for all stages of wealth management. Part I "Getting Liquid" offers advise based upon the selling of over 150 businesses,on getting the most from your business sale, pre-sale estate strategies, and also looks at the management of concentrated stock holdings. Part II "Building an Optimum Investment Portfolio" walks you through a thorough investment-planning process to determine your risk tolerance, return targets, and economic assumptions, etc., and ends with an ideal Personal Investment Charter and Asset Allocation. Detailed chapters on stock market, real estate, fixed income, and private business investments reflect success strategies used by the ultra-wealthy. Part...
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