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Lyle Wilkinson

Diy Portfolio Management: Do It Yourself! With a Little Independent Work, You Too Can Beat the Returns of Indexes and Mutual Fund Managers

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ISBN: 097283950X
Издательство: Selact Publishing
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionDIY Portfolio Management describes the advantages of doing your own portfolio management, and gives you suggestions for matching and for beating the market. Individuals who manage their own portfolios have less overhead and the financial incentive to get market beating performance. That is not enough, knowledge and confidence are also important. The individual Do-It-Yourselfer? needs a knowledge based plan for success, and the book DIY Portfolio Management can feed that plan. The just released DIY Portfolio Management explores approaches to beating the market. Some ideas presented are refined, but this is not rocket science, and unlike brain surgery this is something you can do for yourself. DIY Portfolio Management stresses that successfully management of a stock portfolio requires strategy, discipline, and time to work. This is a book about managing your nest egg, where discipline and intellect are complementary ingredients. The individual...