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Seni Hazzan

Rebuilding from Ground Zero, An Empowering Guide to Building and Securing Wealth

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ISBN: 0971814929
Издательство: JIL Publishing
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionHave you dared to be rich, wanted to be all that you could be, including wanting to leave a legacy for the generations to come? If so, you must read this book because it could be worth a fortune to you! This book is about a changed approach to how lasting wealth is created (different from the cut-throat models currently peddled). This book holds the key to building your life to last! No matter how devastating your current situation is, the ideas in this book will get you out of your mental rut. It provides a step-by-step guideline to take you up the ladder of wealth creation, which the truly rich have been using and the poor never knew. This book shows and proves that anyone can succeed in America and anywhere in the world diligently and honestly. The key is the know-how. Fortunately, this book is the know-how and the complete guide.
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