Обложка книги Sun Tzu on Investing : 15 Strategies for Dynamic Investments

Sun Tzu on Investing : 15 Strategies for Dynamic Investments

ISBN: 0470821078; 9780470821077;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Book Description"Some of the wisest words for investors can be found in this book, not only because of Curtis Montgomery's extensive studies but also by the fascinating framework he uses. Applying Chinese philosophy and particularly that of Sun Tzu to investing make a lot of sense. Sun Tzu's Art of War contains a great deal of wisdom applicable to investing and Montgomery illustrates this beautifully." - Mark Mobius, Managing Director, Templeton Emerging Markets Fund, Author of Passport to Profits and Mobius on Emerging Markets "With this book, Curtis Montgomery has provided an enormous service to the investor and he stock market community. This book shows how to apply Sun Tzu's timeless understanding of strategy to the stock market. Drawing on examples from today, and based on lessons from the past, this book belongs on the bookshelf of every serious investor." - Franklin Lavin, U.S. Ambassador to Singapore "Investors from all cultures will enjoy Sun Tzu on...

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