Обложка книги The Estate Planning Today Handbook

The Estate Planning Today Handbook

ISBN: 1592800602;
Издательство: Marketplace Books

Book DescriptionStay on top of your game and your client's tax shelter options, regardless of changing regulations. Tax and estate planning expert Lou Shuntich, outlines the latest tax saving solutions that will help minimize estate taxes, provide maximum protection, and leverage client returns. Learn to tackle the 3 key elements of successful estate planning with ease, as Lou's compact reference, guides you through the main steps. His straight-forward approach helps you · Gain intimate knowledge of the transfer tax laws and the challenges they present. · Become familiar with the available solutions to estate planning problems. · Master the process of analysis in order to identify the challenges and map out the solutions. Benefit from Shuntich's years of legal experience in business insurance and estate planning - and the continued dedication of the Society of Financial Professionals to provide an on-going source of current, high-quality...