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Attorney Blair Drazic

Forgive Us Our Debts: A Crusading Lawyer's 10 Commandments to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Resurrect Your Credit Legally and Morally

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ISBN: 0975371304
Издательство: Consumer Advocate Press
Год издания: 2004
Book Description The 10 commandments to help consumers rescue their credit rating while avoiding the common pitfalls that cost them thousands of dollars in fees and higher interest rates are elucidated in this guide to the inner workings of the credit system. The commandments include warnings such as "Thou shalt not trust the babble of credit counselors," "Thou shalt not feel guilt when dealing with bill collectors," and "Fend for thyself, directing thy wrath against thy creditors, not the credit bureau." Helping debtors become savvy self-advocates and beat the credit system at its own game, this simple and straightforward advice from a debtor-advocacy attorney will help consumers protect their credit ratings and their future.
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