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Steven J. Hendlin

Overcoming the Inheritance Taboo: How to Preserve Relationships and Transfer Possessions

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ISBN: 0452284767
Издательство: Plume Books
Год издания: 2004
Book Description Few issues facing families today are as difficult to confront as that of inheritance. It?s a subject that?s usually avoided until too late?and the resulting bitterness between surviving parents and siblings can be lastingand substantial. Dr. Hendlin brings his unique experience as a psychotherapist and writer on the psychology of investing to Overcoming the Inheritance Taboo . This is the first book of its kind to focus primarily on the emotional and psychological aspects of inheritance as well as on the practical. The insights it offers are enhanced by the personal experience of the author living through the inheritance process as he was writing about it. With special sections on managing grief and the importance of estate planning, Overcoming the Inheritance Taboo will prepare you and your family with the necessary tools to avoid a costly, emotionally taxing ordeal over inherited money and possessions.
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