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Richard E. Schell

Quick Cash: A Guide to Raising Money During Life's Planned and Unplanned Changes (Sphinx Legal)

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ISBN: 1572483857
Издательство: Sphinx Publishing
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionQuick Cash explores seven fundamental strategies that can be used to raise funds and manage financial hurdles during life's bumps in the road. This motivational, how-to guide goes beyond the standard personal finance book. It offers advice and instruction for those who have experienced some unplanned change-a job loss, unexpected death or divorce-and what a person can do to meet day-to-day living expenses when these sudden changes occur. It also offers advice for planned transitions wherecurrent income does not meet current expenses-going back to school, getting married or starting a family. This consumer-friendly, nuts-and-bolts guide is designed to help the reader focus on what he or she has-instead of on what is not available. Iturges the reader to explore several options in order to raise Quick Cash: -- Borrow-from friends and/or family with pointers to keep both sides on friendly terms -- Borrow-against good credit, iffy credit or no credit -- Pawn...
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