Обложка книги Yes You Can...   Afford To Raise A Family

Yes You Can... Afford To Raise A Family

ISBN: 096297885X;
Издательство: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Book DescriptionYes, You Can ... Afford to Raise A Family breaks the mold when it comes to helping parents achieve their financial dreams. It's filled with stories from other parents, more than 100 cartoons from MAD magazine illustrator Paul Coker Jr., and practical information from self-made billionaire James E. Stowers, one of the country's top money managers. Combined, this adds up to a fun and humorous look at the things parents can do both financially and emotionally to realize the priceless joy of having kids. Whether a rookie parent-to-be or a veteran with a house full of kids, the information in this book will help parents make smart decisions about their money and how to raise their kids. Even if their nest is empty, older parents will discovernew ways to think about money, look at life, and share their experiences with their grown kids. This is the perfect companion to the award-winning book Yes, You Can! Riase Financially Aware Kids.

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