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Supurna Banerjee

Broke! Second Edition : College Students Reveal the Secrets to Getting By on Less

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ISBN: 0743266072
Издательство: Kaplan
Год издания: 2005
Book Description Want to know the secret to living on less while having a great time at college? College students give you the scoop on: How to save money on housing and food Earning fast cash (legally of course!) Managing a budget Scoring a great travel deal and much more! Benefit from their wisdom... and learn from their mistakes: Don't use credit cards recklessly. It's NOTfree money and you DO have to pay it back. Who wants to still be paying for a spring break trip when he is 30? Graduate, Recreation and Leisure Studies, University of Georgia When you sell your books back at the end of a semester, make sure you get to the store early; sometimes the bookstore has a quota for each book and once the quota is met they won't let you sell back your copy. Senior, History, Furman University A couple of classmates were stranded in Mexico...
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