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Anne Hart

Cutting Expenses and Getting More for Less : 41+ Ways to Earn an Income from Opportune Living

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ISBN: 059534772X
Издательство: ASJA Press
Год издания: 2005
Book Description Cutting Expenses and Getting More for Less: 41+ Ways to Earn an Income from Opportune Living , offers both practical steps and strategies on how to pay less for more benefits, quality, and comfort from the basic necessities and at the same time earn a living in 41+ different services and businesses that offer others information or services on how to live better with fewer expenses, higher quality, and more benefits. You get what you pay for. Here?s how to start cutting expenses, finding hidden markets, and getting higher quality items. Find dozens of practical solutions emphasizing frugality, thriftiness, prudence, results, benefits, advantages, and income. Show others how to get more by cutting unnecessary, marked-up, and frivolous expenses. Lower your cost of living with these practical strategies as you follow the how-to solutions step-by-step for excellent results. You?ll learn how to do secret comparison shopping, look for...
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