Обложка книги Free Gulliver: Six Swift Lessons In Life Planning

Free Gulliver: Six Swift Lessons In Life Planning

ISBN: 1933205008;
Издательство: Trost Publishing

Book DescriptionDo you feel tied down by the little things? Are you exhausted at the end of the day, unable to pursue your dreams in your "spare time?" Maybe you're a Gulliver. Remember him? The big guy who wakes up to find himself tied down by Lilliputians ? little guys with little strings. Sound familiar? Sure it does ? we?ve all been there. And the time has come to cut those strings. FREE GULLIVER: Six Swift Lessons in Life Planning is a little book for big people. It will help you slice through those problems that keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were put on this earth to do ? that natural talent you can't afford to pursue ? not until you pay down your debts, not until the kids are in school, not until the kids are in college, not until you retire Lilliputian-sized things ? little strings ? keeping you from the life you love. Through interactive exercises, FREE GULLIVER will show you how to get moving toward...