Обложка книги How to Destroy Your Debts

How to Destroy Your Debts

ISBN: 1411623746;
Издательство: Lulu Press

Book DescriptionThis book sets out to help you clear all your debts (including your mortgage), within a seven year period, allowing you to move on to "The practical Guide to Total Financial Freedom" series. This book offers you the following: 1. Techniques for planning your household shopping list, and shopping trips. This book lists shopping mall tricks used to coax you to buy products you do not need. Learn these money saving avoidance techniques. 2. Practical money saving techniques for cutting back spending around your home, car, holidays, work, entertainment and much more. 3. Credit card and loan management techniques for lowering and destroying your credit card debts and loans. 4. The secrets for reducing your mortgage from a 30/25 year mortgage to a 7 year mortgage. 5. Preventative techniques for dealing with insolvency and bankruptcy. 6. Effectively increase your income to help speed the debt clearance process ...