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Tangie Bell

Tired of being Po : *Keys to expose the enemy of poverty

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ISBN: 0595351808
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Год издания: 2005
Book Description Life is not always fair, but life is good. I have made a decision to enjoy life by any means necessary. No matter what has happened in my life I am letting go so I can grow. So bump what you heard and forget what you know because my past cannot hurt me any more. At the age of 18, author Tangie Bell took to the streets to find emotional and financial fulfillment. Living on the streets and using their bodies to acquire life?s necessities becomes a dangerous trap for manywomen, especially those of African-American heritage. Bell was stuck in a cycle of poverty that had to be broken in order to avoid passing it on and damaging her children?s lives forever. Worrying about poverty changes nothing?but exposing it changes everything. The challenges and pressures of everyday life can be overwhelming, especially when you don?t have enough to make ends meet. Through her real-life experiences, Bell shares how she exposed the enemy of...
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