Обложка книги Winning with the Dow's Losers : Beat the Market with Underdog Stocks

Winning with the Dow's Losers : Beat the Market with Underdog Stocks

ISBN: 0060576588;
Издательство: Collins

Book Description Bestselling author Charles B. Carlson returns with a counterintuitive yet simple strategy for beating the Dow and making money in the stock market. In Winning with the Dow's Losers , Carlson shows how any investor -- with any size portfolio or any level of investment knowledge -- can apply his worst-to-first strategy to generate impressive wealth over the long term. By following this simple, sound, and time-tested strategy, investors can invest in high-quality stocks at beaten-down prices and watch them rebound year after year. Investors can: Start with as little as $1,000. Invest in as few as 1 or as many as 10 Dow stocks. Review and adjust your portfolio no more than once a year. Achieve better results than the famous "Dogs of the Dow" approach. Stock market funds come and go, while investors who chase them usually enrich only their stockbrokers and not themselves. Now, with Winning with...

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