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George D. Stollings

Your Dental Practice Sale: Planning Ahead (1-15 Years)--Optional Approaches to Planning and Executing Your Practice Sale

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ISBN: 0976437570
Издательство: Enlightened Living Publishing, LLC
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionBy mid-career, every practice owner should read this document. Successful practice sales are far more unlikely if the sale strategy and planning is left for the year (or two) immediately preceding the desired sale date. Multiple approaches to practice sales are possible. A sale of "part of your practice" could be appropriate during mid-career, realizing payment for part of the value of your practice years before retirement, and then forming an ongoing "co-practice" arrangement with another practitioner. Some of the most effective approaches must be planned, and initiated, 3-5 years in advance of your retirement. There are approaches that are still available for use at your retirement age. This insightful document is not just about "selling your practice." It also addresses maximizing the value of your practice during mid-career, and in the years immediately preceding your retirement. It presents options that could make your practice more profitable, or increase...