Обложка книги Buying And Managing Residential Real Estate

Buying And Managing Residential Real Estate

ISBN: 0809244128;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Trade

For every investor searching for the best way to earn big returns on a modest investment, here's the most complete, up-to-date guide to buying and managing apartment buildings, town houses, or single-family houses. This useful resource also includes advice on: Evaluating specific properties Locating your "diamond in the rough" Negotiating your purchase Financing your real estate holding Overcoming inflation and taxes Using success-proven strategies to generate income From making the first acquisition and showing and renting units to pyramiding investments and retiring on real estate holding, this is an invaluable guide to making money-wise and profitable investments. Andrew James McLean is the author of The Complete Guide to Real Estate Loans, Real Estate: The Ultimate Handbook , and Foreclosures: How to Profitably Invest in Distressed Real Estate .