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Norbert P. Psuty, Douglas D. Ofiara

Coastal Hazard Management: Lessons and Future Directions from New Jersey

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ISBN: 0813531500
Издательство: Rutgers University Press
As with most shorelines around the world, New Jersey beaches are slowly, but inexorably, being eroded, threatening coastal structures and development. In some years more sand is deposited than removed, but all of the state's monitoring devices show that sea level is gradually rising and pushing the New Jersey shoreline inland. The shore is a valuable resource, and its natural, cultural, and economic attractions draw a multitude of permanent and temporary residents, extending housing and commercial development onto areas that were once wetlands. Not surprisingly, development at the water's edge has been accompanied by an increasing exposure to the natural hazards of the coastal zone?erosion, flooding, and wind damage. In this book, Norbert Psuty and Douglas Ofiara incorporate perspectives from the areas of coastal sciences, economics, public policy, and land-use planning in creating a systematic plan for coastal management and protection. It has been more than two decades...
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