Обложка книги Fast Cash: How I Made a Fortune Buying Notes

Fast Cash: How I Made a Fortune Buying Notes

ISBN: 0936783397;
Издательство: Merril Press

This intriguing book is not just another get-rich-quick scheme: the Fast Cash is what you pay, not what you get! And what you pay Fast Cash for is notes?valuable and legally binding promises to pay, secured by real estate, and bought at a discount. Then you collect the full amount of the note, usually in monthly payments, and earn a handsome profit. Lorelei Stevens is one of America?s premier career note buyers. In the pages of Fast Cash she immerses you in the business through absorbing stories of how it?s really done, one note at a time. The unexpected result is a masterpiece of human interest writing. It follows the dreams and despair of people who?ve sold their real estate, financed the sale with a note, and later found themselves in need of fast cash. That?s where the note buyer steps in?and that?s where you step into Lorelei Stevens? fascinating world of Fast Cash.

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