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George Devine, Ilona Bray, Linda Allison

For Sale by Owner in California (FOR SALE BY OWNER CALIFORNIA EDITION)

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ISBN: 1413300243
Издательство: Nolo Press
Using a broker to sell your home can cost you up to six percent of the selling price -- in other words, if you sell your house for $400,000, you can lose up to $24,000. But you'll save that money if you sell the house yourself -- and it's not hard todo! Thoroughly revised and scrupulously researched, For Sale By Owner in California takes you step by step through the entire selling process, from putting the house on the market to transferring the title. Even if you choose to use an agent, this book is a great way to prepare yourself for the home-selling process. Learn how to: *pick the best time to sell *prepare your house for sale *advertise widely and inexpensively *sell while you're buying another house *set the sale price *screen buyers for financial feasibility *make all disclosures required by law *negotiate with potential buyers *handle multiple offers *remove contingencies *complete the escrow process The 7th edition of...