Обложка книги Home Building Pitfalls

Home Building Pitfalls


ISBN: 0971955093;
Издательство: New Community Pr

The true insider's guide to getting the quality new home you deserve. From choosing the right community through the final inspection, Home Building Pitfalls has the new home buying tips and tricks you must have to be on equal footing with your builderincluding: How to avoid the "model home trap" used by every big builder How to prevent your builder's assembly line construction techniques from getting in the way of the quality and craftsmanship you deserve How to discover if your builder is telling the truth about claims of superior quality and customer satisfaction How to prevent damaging mold growth that has become so common in new homes The tactics used by new home sales people to "up-sell" and persuade you to unnecessarily spend thousands of extra dollars How your builder?s attorneys are working overtime to make sure they have the upper hand... and what you can do to foil their efforts! How you can protect yourself from the exclusions...

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