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Ned Depew, C. Johansen

House Inspection: A Homebuyer'S/Homeowner's Guide: With a Special Section on Older or Historic Homes

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ISBN: 096148764X
Издательство: Golden Hill Press
Whether you just want to investigate the condition of your own home, or whether you are looking to make a major investment in a new home, this book will give you the knowledge you need to examine the building and evaluate what you find. Designed for the non-professional, it can be used to conduct your own preliminary House Inspection or to evaluate your Inspector's report. Using the reproducible forms in the back of the book, you will have a checklist of possible trouble-spots and of the information you will need to collect to make an informed analysis. Easy to read and easy to follow, the "tour" section takes you on a virtual tour of a typical house that prepares you for your own actual experience. The "systems" section explains how a house works, in clear language, and gives you the detailed knowledge you need to interpret your findings. The "index" allows you to quickly reference specific questions and situations that you come across. There is no easier-to-use, more...
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