Обложка книги Houses to Go: How to Buy a Good Home Cheap

Houses to Go: How to Buy a Good Home Cheap

ISBN: 1559501669;
Издательство: Loompanics Unlimited

It will probably be news to many readers, particularly those trying to buy or build a first home, but there are incredible bargains to be found in homes that are slated for demolition, homes that are perfectly solid, sometimes spectacular that can be purchased for extremely low prices and moved to a new site. In Houses to Go , Robert L. Williams covers all the details--how to find these houses, how much you should pay, how to prepare the new site, how to arrange the move, how to build a proper foundation for particular structures, even how to do basic plumbing hook-ups and kitchen-cabinet hanging once the home has been moved. You'll even find instructions on how to salvage and clean bricks and concrete blocks for reuse. The story of the author'sown home--appraised at well over $100,000, purchased initially for 73 cents (!) and moved and finished for less than $15,000--is illustrative of the kinds of bargains available to a savvy home buyer armed with the information in this...

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