Обложка книги How To Make Big Money In Real Estate, Revised

How To Make Big Money In Real Estate, Revised

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ISBN: 0735201161;
Издательство: Prentice Hall Art

From the original no money down guru, vital inside information and ready-to-use tools for building a personal fortune in real estate in the 21st century A renowned consultant to wealth-builders throughout the world, Tyler G. Hicks knows the secrets to successful real estate investing in even the tightest and toughest markets. With a keen eye on current regulations and future trends, he reveals his surefire strategies for building real estate riches in the new millennium. Packed with ready-to-usechecklists, helpful tables and charts, and compelling case studies, this hands-on guide shares Hicks' streetwise techniques for netting big profits in today's--and tomorrow's--real estate market. Step by step, in clear, jargon-free language, Hicks givesreaders the facts, insights, and tools to start with zero cash, negotiate like a pro, pick the right deals, bid on foreclosures, and turn mortgaging out to their advantage. With his proven formulas, even novice investors will develop...