Обложка книги How to Sell Your Home in 5 Days

How to Sell Your Home in 5 Days


ISBN: 0761109609;
Издательство: Workman Publishing

Based on the one basic truth of free enterprise--that your home is worth exactly what the highest bidder will pay for it--this book will enable every seller to make more money in less time with no risk. The step-by-step plan shows exactly how to priceyour home, write an effective ad, use buyer psychology, and conduct round-robin bidding. But now in the second edition are: more in-depth descriptions of different types of buyers; additional steps to take to prepare a home for sale; a new "What If" trouble-shooting guide; detailed instructions for conducting an open house; a new chapter on closing sales; a new chapter for buyers bidding on 5-day sales; a chapter debunking home-selling myths, such as why the season doesn't matter; and an updated chapter on transferring ownership.

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