Обложка книги Integrated Watershed Management : Principles and Practice

Integrated Watershed Management : Principles and Practice

ISBN: 0471183385; 9780471183389;
Издательство: Wiley

Effective watershed planning and management This book presents a flexible, integrated framework for watershed management that addresses the biophysical, social, and economic issues affecting water resources and their use. Comprehensive in scope and multidisciplinary in approach, it equips you with the necessary tools and techniques to develop sound watershed management policy and practice-from problem definition and goal setting to electing management strategies and procedures for monitoringimplementation. Topics include: * Watershed components and processes * Establishing management plan parameters and objectives * Stakeholder identification and consultation * Development of practical management options * Both simple and detailed methods for the assessment of management alternatives * Techniques for determining the legal implications and the environmental, economic, and social impact of a management plan * Choosing...

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