Обложка книги Kahana: How the Land Was Lost

Kahana: How the Land Was Lost

ISBN: 082482590X;
Издательство: University of Hawaii Press

This volume is the most detailed case study of land tenure in Hawai'i. Focusing on kuleana (homestead land) in Kahana, O'ahu, from 1846 to 1920, the author challenges commonly held views concerning the Great Mahele (Division) of 1846-1855 and its aftermath. There can be no argument that in the fifty years prior to the 1893 overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, ninety percent of all land in the Islands passed into the control or ownership of non-Hawaiians. This land grab is often thought to have begun with the Great Mahele and to have been quickly accomplished because of Hawaiians' ignorance of Western law and the sharp practices of Haole (white) capitalists. What the Great Mahele did create were separate land titles for two types of land (kuleana and ahupua'a) that were traditionally thought of as indivisible and interconnected, thus undermining an entire social system. With the introduction of land titles and ownership, Hawaiian land could now be bought,...

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