Обложка книги Landlord & Tenant Guide to Colorado Evictions

Landlord & Tenant Guide to Colorado Evictions

ISBN: 188372676X;
Издательство: Bradford Book

The second edition of this invaluable book contains statutory and case law, as well as examples of the new legal forms that are mandatory for use in all Colorado eviction proceedings. The new laws covered include revised provisions regarding substantial violations, employee occupancy of employer's premises, as well as revised standards for executing writs of restitution, and more. Landlords will learn how to: Give proper notice, fill out, file, and serve the necessary forms, avoid violating their tenants' rights. Tenants will learn: Defenses to an eviction, how to file an Answer or Counterclaim, all about security deposits. If you're the landlord OR the tenant, you can avoid costly mistakes and reduce legal fees by reading this book.

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