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U S. Department of Energy, Deena D. Kushner, Hans R. Isakson

Making the Most of Energy in Real State: Relevant Energy Facts for Real State Developers, Builders, Lenders, Appraisers, and Brokers

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ISBN: 0894992074
Издательство: Books for Business
This text has been developed to satisfy two major goals. First, we build the confidence, assurance, and poise of the reader with regard to energy matters, in general, and energy effects on real estate, in particular. The reader must have a basic understanding of the energy sectors so that he or she can be comfortable with what is to follow. Secondly, the text strives to develop competence in the reader, so that he or she can proficiently perform the analytical evaluations needed to incorporate energy factors into his or her business routines. The intent of these goals is to provide the reader with the tools needed, and to demonstrate how these tools can be used to improve the reader's way of doing business. The text includes applications of these tools to actual energy saving methods, but it does not dictate "pat" answers to the energy crisis. Instead, it strives to provide the reader with the best answers for a particular market area. This approach also enables the reader to adjust...
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