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Richard Stim, Stephen Fishman

Nondisclosure Agreements: Protect Your Trade Secrets and More (Nondisclosure Agreements, 1st Ed)

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ISBN: 0873376463
Издательство: Nolo Press
Inventors, business people, programmers and other professionals often possess confidential information that gives them an advantage in their field. The sad reality, however, is that a secret can be leaked, obliterating any benefit it provided. Protect yourself and your business. Armed with Nondisclosure Agreements , you have the step-by-step instructions and legal forms you need to safeguard your trade secrets, even if they reach the wrong hands. Written by attorneys who specialize in intellectual property, this book guides you through the development of a nondisclosure agreement, explaining the "fine print" so that you can keep your information confidential. Nondisclosure agreements can be tailored for every type of situation, including: * employers maintaining employee secrecy * inventors keeping their gadgets under wraps * businesses licensing their secret technology * programmers beta-testing their software * marketers protecting customer lists ...