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Bryan Wittenmyer

Perpetual Income: How-to Generate Cash Flow from Low-End House Investments

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ISBN: 0964438011
Издательство: Infoleverage
This book explains in detail how to build cash flow from lower end houses and apartment properties. Not slum property, just simple housing for folks on lower income budgets. This can be a highly rewarding business, since these properties typically produce a cash flow even when 100% financing is used. In fact, when purchased correctly, these properties can be financed using short, 10 year mortgages with no balloon payments needed. In 5-10 years, you'll have a debt-free asset! The last thing the world needs in another real estate investment book that just skims the surface. This book goes into extreme detail on the nuts and bolts of buying lower-end properties. In fact, the rehab and repair chapter is almost 50-pages long. Even if you don't currently invest in this type of property, you will come away with dozens of tips on buying, repairing, and rehabbing houses. This book goes way beyond the typical "bookstore" book on investing. A brief list of topics includes: Buying...