Обложка книги Real Estate `a la Carte

Real Estate `a la Carte

ISBN: 0793143535;
Издательство: Dearborn Trade, a Kaplan Professional Company

Consumers say goodbye to realtor commissions and choose the services they need. Consumers can save thousands of dollars on real estate transactions by learning which aspects of the sale or purchase they can take care of themselves. In hernew book Real Estate `a la Carte , renowned real estate consultant and educator Julie Garton-Good provides the prospective home seller and buyer with the tools needed to navigate the often confusing waters of real estate services. Garton-Good, "America's Home Affordability Expert," is at the forefront of this national trend in real estate. Garton-Good illustrates this consumer driven movement by showing readers how to determine what they can do themselves and at what point a professional real estate consultant should be contacted. As increasing numbers of transactions are fee for service and for sale by owner, Garton-Good shows readers how to choose and pay for what they need.

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