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Dirk Vanzyl, Marshall Koval, Ta Li

Risk Assessment/Management Issues in the Environmental Planning of Mines

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ISBN: 0873351150
Издательство: Soc for Mining Metallurgy and
Risk assessment is an important tool in helping engineers, scientists, and management make better decisions about the environmental planning of mines. It's not always an easy task, however, because it encompasses so many issues and approaches. But extensive and innovative technology has been developed which shows that a consistent framework can be used to approach risk assessment/management considerations in siting and development. A realistic, probabilistic risk analysis paired with a financial decisionmodel can combine a large set of alternatives and criteria to arrive at a defendable decision. This proceedings volume contains 25 papers covering these topics and more. The papers are organized into these chapters: Risk Assessment in Mine Development, Risk Assessment/Management at Superfund Sites, Pre-Acquisition and Operational Audits, Risk Assessment/Management for Mine Closure, Economic Risk Assessment Related to Environmental Decision Making, and Miscellaneous Aspects of...
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