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Sandra Brizga, Brian L. Finlayson

River Management : The Australasian Experience (International Association of Geomorphologists)

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ISBN: 0471969761, 9780471969761
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Australia and New Zealand were colonised only two centuries ago by centrally organised bureaucratic administrations. For the whole period of European settlement most river management activities have been carried out or recorded by government agencies andtheir records remain relatively complete. These countries therefore provide good case studies for the impact of technological societies on river systems, having transformed many of their rivers in a short time from their ?natural into a heavily managed condition. Geomorphology provides the scientific basis for much of our understanding of river behaviour and geomorphologists are now actively involved in the management process. This book provides a collection of case studies, the first to be produced to date, which deal with key issues in river management from a geomorphological perspective. Issues dealt with include environmental flows, stream condition, mining and extractive activities, river channel change, river...
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