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Stephen M. Vukovich

Secure Commercial Real Estate: The Investors Guide to Control the Physical Realm

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ISBN: 0967861209
Издательство: Prescriptive Diagnostic Publishers International
The book is a comprehensive guide to understand and mitigate all forms of physical investment risk in commercial real estate transactions - including acquisitions, loans and Wall Street securitized products. No other text before has approached this vast and diverse subject. In addition, the book provides insights that will improve operational efficiency, and increase tenant satisfaction and cash flow. It includes topics ranging from recognizing "investment grade features that generate success" to successfully implementing operational improvements, such as power management strategies, and guaranteed energy saving agreements that really work. Readers discover physical investment parameters that can maximize operating income and tenant satisfaction plus scores of insights into managing durability and obsolescence issues to your economic advantage. This practical, step-by-step guide offers advice on how to minimize the risk of unplanned maintenance and repairs, improve the...