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Stephen M. Pollan, Mark Levine, Betsy Baytos

Stephen Pollan's Foolproof Guide to Selling Your Home

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ISBN: 0684802295
Издательство: Fireside Books
Selling your home isn't an overwhelming project; it just feels that way. You need a strategy. You need Stephen Pollan's Foolproof Guide to Selling Your Home. How do you know you can trust your broker? How do you choose a price range? How do you negotiate a contract? And what about repainting, exterminating, sanitizing, and organizing? What do you do when? Stephen Pollan has the answers. With this simple, streamlined plan, Pollan takes you by the hand and walks you through the whole process, from start to finish. Organized like a workbook, with tips, checklists, warnings, and encouragement to help you along, the Foolproof Guide tells you exactly what to do and what to say at every step, from placing an ad to dosing the deal. All you have to do is follow Stephen Pollan through these pages. He knows what he's doing. By the time you reach the end of Stephen Pollan's Foolproof Guide to Selling Your Home, you will have sold your house for the best price and the least pain.
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