Обложка книги The Condominium Specialist

The Condominium Specialist

ISBN: 0918785049;
Издательство: Kricket Pubns

For many young Americans, the traditional "American Dream" may be out-of-reach financially, but they can take their first steps toward a home of their own by buying a less expensive condominium. For licensed real estate agents, this fact represents another opportunity to increase their annual incomes. However, listing and selling condominiums successfully (and keeping their clients satisfied with their services) is not the same as dealing with the single-family home. It requires specialized knowledge without which many agents elect to bypass this phase of home-selling. In "The Condominium Specialist", P.J. Thompson provides a fact-packed handbook to enable any real estate agent to confidently help condominium buyers and sellers. Insodoing agents not only open their horizons to increasing their annual income by working with young Americans but also the older generation who may be ready to give up the responsibilities of a large home and enjoy the freedom of the condominium...

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