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Us Department of Housing and Urban Devel, Donna E. Shalala

The Conversion of Rental Housing to Condominiums and Cooperatives: A National Study of Scope, Causes and Impacts

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ISBN: 089499090X
Издательство: Books for Business
This landmark national study of the extent and impact of condominium and cooperative conversions promises to be of major policy and program significance. The recent growth of condominium and cooperative conversions is a response to basic changes in the Nation?s social and housing market conditions which, in its course, helps some and hurts others. For this reason, conversion has sparked considerable controversy ? a controversy exacerbated by the shortage of information about what is taking place. This report, prepared in response to a Congressional directive, presents the results of a multi-faceted study designed to provide this information. It documents the present and probable future extent and location of conversions, the factors contributing to their increasing numbers, and their effects ? on people, neighborhoods, and communities. As will be apparent, the scope, causes, and consequences of the conversion phenomenon are, in many ways, quite different than...
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