Обложка книги The New No-Nonsense Landlord, Revised and Expanded

The New No-Nonsense Landlord, Revised and Expanded

ISBN: 0071417931;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill

Techniques for parlaying sweat equity, common sense, and minimal cash into real estate success and financial security "The knowledge shared in this book is priceless because it works. Highly recommended."--Robert Bruss, nationally syndicated real-estate columnist The New No-Nonsense Landlord eschews the glitz of "how to become a millionaire" real estate books to provide nuts and bolts, how-to information on the hands-on realities of being a successful landlord. It provides landlords as well as those who want to become landlords with practical advice on how to deal with tenants, how to make low-cost repairs, how to take maximum advantage of tax laws, and more. Author and longtime real estate investor Richard Jorgensen knows firsthand what it takes to become wealthy owning rental properties, and shares his secrets on every page. New information in this revised and expanded edition includes: New chapters on insurance, single...