Обложка книги The Power of Knowledge in Real Estate

The Power of Knowledge in Real Estate

ISBN: 0595212123;
Издательство: Writers Club Press

The author has written this book as a reference manual for you and people like you who are both intrigued and concerned about real estate in general and how it affects us all. He has taken up this crusade of sharing his knowledge as a realtor with you, so that you may be able to see for yourself what relevant facts you need to know before you make the important decision to invest, build, buy or lease. He has tried to cover a lot of ground and deal with the most important issues that affect decision making, relevant to the topic of each chapter. Your questions and concerns over the past 25 years have allowed him to address and share with you some of the stories, events and background knowledge that make up this book on real estate. He feels everyone should be properly informed before making a choice and should know how to make that choice. Proper evaluation of factual knowledge and background information is of great importance in the process of decision-making. This...

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